Madhura Wedding Photographer in Sri Lanka , Kurunegala Madhura Wedding Photographer in Sri Lanka , Kurunegala
About Me
Madhura Wedding Photographer in Sri Lanka , Kurunegala
      For people who reached the marriageable age - the WEDDING DAY is an exhilarating experienced. They try their level best to make this memorable day a success since they had dreamt about this day with pleasant feelings .most of them have fixed ideas as to how they should appear before their beloved parents, their relatives and friends. Further the couple wants this day to be recorded to their loved ones in future.

      A greater part of their dreams include appearing before their loved ones and dearest and nearest people in fashionable and exquisitely made costumes. Bride wants to exhibit her beauty and to do so she may chose either the traditional Sinhalese wedding costumes , a beautifully decoded colorful wedding Saree (oriental or Indian style) or wedding frock. They chose beauticians and dress makers to do this. Bridegroom desires to dress in our traditional wedding dress or exquisitely tailored western dress and a national dress. To make this dream a colorful one wedding house or the reception hall is decoded with flower arrangements, traditional Mangala poruwa, settee and traditional ornaments. To entertain the invitees delicious food items, an eye catching wedding cake and drinks would be served, and rhythmic traditional drum beats, blessing chanting, wedding stances, music band and dancing would be arranged.
      The newlywed couples, their parents, relatives and friends are very keen in recording these memorable events and to keep them forever. Recording all these activities has to be done by a very experienced and knowledgeable photographer. Every person equipped with a camera is not a photographer. A mere cameraman is not competent to handle this important task in my opinion the photographer should emotionally involved in these activities to capture the images around him.
      I started my photographic career with a vision and I am well equipped with the required facilities to do so. I am well conversant with digital technology. I am well aware that the photographs are intended to be kept for a little time, but also to the generations to come. My mission is to satisfy my customers by fulfilling their dreams. My expertise in the field is based on the fallowing qualifications.

A. I am a proud old boy of kurunegala Wayamba Royal Collage and my character was shaped with the education and the disciplines I have had during my schooling day.
B. I studied photography with a keen interest and later provided my services voluntarily to Maliyadeva Photographic Society.
C. I am a holder of Diploma in Photography awarded by the Colombo National Photographic Society.
D. I possess a Diploma awarded by the National Youth Services Assembly for Video Filming.
E. I graduated in photography and possessed a Degree in photography awarded by the University of Kelaniya.
F. Apart from the above I have been awarded with a number of Certificates awarded in consideration of my outstanding performance in the field of photography.